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Minimal LED Lamps by Goodbye Edison.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Goodbye Edison Led Lamp

French company Goodbye Edison recently presented a collection of extremely minimalist LED lamps designed by promising designer FX Balléry.

The name of the company implies a last farewell to the traditional incandescent (Edison) light bulbs, which are currently being phased out in favor of more advanced and more energy efficient light sources. All their designs are using energy efficient LEDs. The LEDs are discrete or even hidden, in order to magnify the minimalist silhouette of the lamps. These unique lamps spread a soft indirect light, which creates a special atmosphere.

The first Goodbye Edison collection includes three models, “UP” which is basically an illuminated thin line, “Framed” which looks like a light emitting frame and “Les Fines” an elegant lamp which can be used in order to showcase other objects. All Goodbye Edison lamps are fine, elegant, light and utterly minimalistic.

This series of luminous objects possess a rare and singular elegance. They are entirely designed and made in France, mainly manufactured in aluminum and equipped with transparent cables, switches and adapters.

The LEDs being used consume less than 14W of electricity and they produce a warm white light, with equivalent luminosity to a 60W incandescent bulb. These LEDs are good for a minimum 30.000 hours of use, which is approximately a 15 lifetime under normal usage. After that period the LEDs will not just die down, but their luminosity will be decreased, according to Goodbye Edison they consider a LED worn out when it emits less than 70% of its initial flow.

The awesome Goodbye Edison LED lamps are sold under the brand “GBYE” in an elegant white cardboard packaging with a nicely designed and original handle.

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