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Michael Young PXR digital watches.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Michael Young PXR Digital Watch

The PXR digital wristwatches by Hong Kong based  British designer Michael Young, are amongst the most stylish digital watches I came across, and they also come at a surprisingly affordable price.

It all started with the utterly minimalist PXR-5. Following the initial success of the PXR-5 its replacement the PXR-6 was introduced (shown in the center of the picture). The phenomenally successful PXR-6 looks identical to the PXR-5 however it brings significant improvements. The PXR-6 has improved water resistance, improved durability, new mechanism improved blue night light and a stylish new presentation case. Finally the latest additions to Michael Young’s stunning range of wristwatches, are the PXR-7 and PXR-8 displayed to the left and right of the picture respectively.

The PXR series of watches is characterized by modern minimalist design, but personally I love the slightly retro feel of the design, a subtle reference to the angular digital clocks in the 1980s, which I wore as a kid.

The Michael Young PXR digital watches are made from stainless steel and are available with equally nice matt and brushed finishes, their machined cases are distinguished by soft curves and a unique rectilinear form. They are water resistant at 50 meter / 5 atmospheres, and are available with a selection easily interchangeable bracelets, made from synthetic, rubber or leather, depending on the model and options. Each watch is individually numbered and engraved with Young’s signature.

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