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Metaphys Electric Lunacalante CD Player, Minimalist Sound.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Metaphys Electric Lunacalante CD Player

CD players are obsolete. Music is now stored in ultra-compact devices with high capacities and no moving parts. There is absolutely no reason to have a CD player taking up precious space in your home or office. In fact the smaller the player the better. Moreover with contemporary devices being the epitome of multitasking there is absolutely no reason to sit down and design a CD player, is there?

It seems there is. The proof is the Electric Lunacalante CD Player designed by Japanese Metaphys (known for designing the XBOX 360 case under the name “hers design”). A design that makes you reconsider all the first paragraph of this article and start thinking how to make room to in your living room to expose it. This CD player is cut in half so that part of the disk is actually playing outside of the unit. This unique effect is further enhanced through illumination and it almost appears as if you can see the sound being played.

Unfortunately, the stunning Metaphys Electric Lunacalante CD Player remained a prototype and never made it into production. It seems that the design industry cannot tolerate something with an already expired functionality.

Yet we would certainly like to see the Metaphys Lunacalante CD Player in production (with media center capabilities of course). Its profoundly minimalist style is captivating, and the unique design that leaves moving parts exposed reminds us of the nostalgic allure of vinyl disks.

Minimalism at its best by Metaphys, which demonstrates once again that they are an exceptional design studio, with a very distinctive and individual style.

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