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Maude Bed by Michael Mettler.

by Anna Karataglidou
Maude Bed Michael Mettler

The Maude bed by Swiss architect Michael Mettler was designed with the basic principles of maximum functionality and minimalism.

At first, Mettler adjusted two additions to a basic double bed base in order to improve the symmetry and create an ideal rectangular shape with a side ratio of 3:4 or 2:3. Secondly, he started thinking about the possible uses this extra space could accommodate. So he used the two hollow parts on the two bedsides to place the headboard. What make the Maude bed unique are the headboards that are actually two pillows that can be placed anywhere and on whichever side of the bed.

In this way, the Maude bed has the flexibility of a sofa as by placing the headboards on opposite sides, one can sit facing another creating a relaxing lounge space. In addition, the pillows can be upholstered in any color, defining the bed’s style and making it adjustable to any decoration. Lastly, the hollow bed edge can be turned into storage space for books and other objects. The Maude bed offer style and flexibility in a simple, easy and basic way.

The Maude bed is made of 2cm thick MDF in black or white color, and its manufacturing is realized in Switzerland with CNC high precision machinery for flawless finishes and edges. It is available in two sizes, 140 x 200 and 180 x 200 and the headboard pillows are sold separately so one can use his own, of different style and colors.

Offering the flexibility of a sofa, the Maude bed is minimal and plain, ideal for those that enjoy their breakfast in bed.

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