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Mammamia Punk Chair by Opinion Ciatti.

by Anna Karataglidou
Studded chair Mammamia Punk by Opinion Ciatti

Mammamia chair was originally designed by Marcello Ziliani for Opinion Ciatti. The Mammamia punk chair is a special version of the chair inspired by the British punk fashion movement and its “revival”.

Indeed, in 2013 the new-rock style re-appeared on catwalks and punk studs were seen everywhere: from garment details to even more unexpected surfaces. In our case, punk studs grew on the back seat of the Mammamia punk chair.

The Mammamia Chair comes with a die-cast aluminum frame and structure in galvanized iron, fully painted with water based paints. For the special punk chair edition its back got fully covered in a pattern of studs.  Luckily, the 398 metal studs were not placed on the inner side of the back seat, or more dramatically, on the seat itself for a high impact (but extremely unpractical) design statement.

Instead, Opinion Ciatti voted for function and this special edition of the Mammamia chair remains neat and sleek, of an extremely clean-lined and compelling design, while the studded back adds texture to it. A refreshing view of a beloved object!

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