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Luminescence Light Installations by Hans Kotter.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Luminescence Light Installations by Hans Kotter

German artist Hans Kotter presents Luminescence an extraordinary series of light installations. Color lights, mirrors, plexiglass, metal and LEDs compose imposing constructs which are in their own right unique aesthetic statements.

The impact of each light installation is perfectly planned by Kotter and each installation can stand out for itself as a unique piece of art. Yet the artist proposes a compilation of many light installations under the general title Luminescence and suggests an interaction between them as well as between the artworks and the viewer. The Luminescence collective exhibition creates a whole new spectacle through many reflections and refractions of lights. Undulating folds of chroma and wormhole-like voids materialize as three dimensional forms, immersing the audience in enchanting tunnels and exploding channels of light.

Kotter’s LED installations turn light into eye-catching artworks. The stunning lights and their reflections create a clever complex of optical illusions. With his latest installations, he gives physicality to light and asks viewers to explore the infinite quality of space. Light becomes an interface to a whole new experience.

Hans Kotter was born in Germany and he studied arts and media design in New York and Munich. Since 2004 he is a lecturer a State Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart. He lives and works in Berlin.

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