Home Technology Lexon Flow Radio – a minimalistic transparent FM Radio by Philip Wong.

Lexon Flow Radio – a minimalistic transparent FM Radio by Philip Wong.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
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Flow radio is a new FM Radio designed by Philip Wong for French design brand Lexon. This modern radio with minimalist design, plays with transparency and a subtle mix of materials.

The main part of its body is see through and it appears to have taken on the form of an un-finished sketch of a radio. The Lexon Flow radio is a truly cutting edge design electronic appliance which combines artistic design with industrial design. This little piece of modern art is a great portable radio that is as much of a joy to behold as it is to listen to.The Lexon Flow Radio has a 3W speaker and can also be used as an MP3 amplifier. You can also use the provided  audio mini jack cable you can connect it to MP3 players and other devices. It has surprisingly warm low frequencies for a radio with such a small speaker and comes in three  eye-catching colours, white, grey and red.

As Philip Wong the designer of the Lexon Flow Radio claims: ” The main goal in creating Flow was to design a minimalistic radio, limiting the design to the strict minimum. The idea was to offer the user the possibility to discover and understand the industrial design of the object by allowing, with the transparent casing, to see inside and see the composing elements.”

Founded in Paris by Rene Adda in 1990, Lexon reflects a commitment to the highest level of functional design, represented in a Collection of unique consumer products that include accessories for the office, travel, sports, home, and for personal use. The emphasis is on design, quality, and value.

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