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LaCie USB Keys.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
LaCie USB Keys

With the LaCie USB Keys, high design meets affordable data storage. The key-shaped design is great for a small flash drive as it is both functional and memorable.

The LaCie USB Keys were designed by 5.5 designers and as it seems they took the term “USB Key” quite literally. They fit easily in your pocket, and on your keychain, letting you take your data with you wherever you go. Their design was even clever enough to win a Gold Award at the prestigious International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA®). And with their universal Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface, they can be used on both a PC and Mac®.  The series includes various different USB Keys with clever names such as “iamaKey”, “CooKey” and “itsaKey”.

Seeing those funky USB keys attached on a PC or a Laptop is definitely funny as they look like a key is sticking out from the computer. Their full metal body constitutes them more durable than ordinary plastic USB sticks. Moreover they use “Gold SIP” connectors which are scratch- and water- resistant, while the protective edges on the connectors ensure that you’ll always insert the LaCie USB Key properly, keeping it usable and safe. Performance wise the data transfer rate of 10 MB/s of write speed and 30 MB/s of read speed are excellent for their price category.

LaCie USB Keys are available in a variety of different shapes and with nany capacities varying from 4GB to 32GB. There is also a model that has a built-in mini SD card reader, making the memory expandable to a capacity of more than 96GB via mini SD card.  Lastly all LaCie USB Keys now includes one year of secure online storage from Wuala for the entire capacity of your USB stick. Once configured, this bonus gives you a great way to protect and share your files, photos, or videos.

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