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Label Folding Chair by Felix Guyon for LA FIRME.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Felix Guyon designed the impressive Label Chair for Canadian LA FIRME in order to propose a new, modern folding chair with exquisite design. One the doubles up as wall art!

Design wise the chair is a pure beauty with its sleek label look and thanks to its versatility, it can be customized for all sorts of events. Made of 17-ply Russian birch and stainless steel, the Label Chair can be easily stacked (when folded it is only 25 mm (1”) thick) and yes, of course, it is comfortable and practical. Apart from a functional and stylish piece of furniture, the Label Chair is also a distinctive decorative item, one that looks equally elegant on the floor or on the wall.

The Label Chair was launched in November 2011 at the Montreal International Documentary Festival. When Félix Guyon and LA FIRME created this folding chair, they probably knew that vintage furniture would be on everyone’s favorite list. This slick, sturdy chair is as beautiful as it is functional and innovative. The design of the label in each chair stands out from any ordinary-looking seats. A few events that would totally rock these chairs: wedding receptions, industrial office spaces/lofts, and indie coffee shops.

Félix Guyon studied product design in University of Montreal and in L’École de design Nantes Atlantique in France. He has been working for many years in design in Montreal and in London. LA FIRME is a team of young, creative and thorough professionals who, from an ecological, economical and human perspective, put a lot of emphasis on choosing the right materials and the right suppliers to achieve the very best results. “We believe that the quality of an interior lies in the integration and coherence of the overall elements that revolve around it: from energy efficiency through colorways to furniture, materials, lighting, mechanical engineering and ergonomics”.

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