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Knickding wall shelf by DING3000 for Pulpo.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Knickding Shelf by Pulpo

Knickding wall shelf by design team DING3000 for Pulpo is a modern and extraordinary wall self with linear futuristic design. Each Knickding is a practical deposit wall shelf and doesn’t fold your glimpse. “Knick-ding” means folding-thing in German and its name is representative of its design. Each Knickding wall shelf is made from a steel panel which is folded to be fixed on the wall.

These wall shelves are the focus of attention in every room since they are an interesting and practical wall shelving solution as well as a modern wall decoratiion item. The Knickding wall shelf is fixed at the wall by screws and it is available in four different colors.

DING3000 is the studio of the designers Carsten Schelling, Sven Rudolph and Ralf Webermann. With their drafts they have so far received more than 30 design prizes including the internationally renowned iF Product Design Award, the Good Design Award, the RedDot Design Award and the Design Plus Award.

Since 2006, Pulpo has stood for functional and beautiful living space accessories and furniture designs, originating both in-house and from renowned product designers.

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