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Invisible Shoe Collection by Andreia Chaves.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Invisible Shoe Collection by Andreia Chaves

The Invisible Shoe Collection by Brazilian fashion designer Andreia Chaves is a unique series of 3D-printed shoes. These shoes were born from a study of optical effects that is applied to shoe design. In this study, Andreia Chaves explores the concept of invisibility through the “chameleon effect”.

All creations of the Invisible shoe collection have a reflective mirror-like finished surface, creating a deceptively obscured optical effect with every step taken. In collaboration with Amsterdam rapid prototyping studio Freedom of Creation, Andreia Chaves developed the Invisible Shoe Collection through a combination of leather crafting techniques and 3D printing technology. In this way, the designer ensures the best quality and comfort while taking advantage of the unique futuristic aesthetics of 3D printing.

The Invisible Shoe Collection is handmade in Italy. Each pair is made of leather and an external 3D-printed nylon structure. The Invisible Shoe Collection includes two different versions: a pair covered in a mirrored shell, called Invisible Shoe, and another where the nude leather shoe is visible through the same 3D-printed framework, the Invisible Naked version.

A native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Andreia Chaves’ work had captured the attention of international media even before her graduation from Polimoda Fashion Institute in Florence, Italy in 2010. Her critically acclaimed first series ‘Invisible Shoe Collection’, launched in February 2011, has been featured in leading fashion publications and international exhibitions, and is collected by some of the greatest patrons of contemporary fashion.

Andreia Chaves is best known for her innovative and distinctive visual approach, fusing craftsmanship, experimental materials and cutting edge technology to realize her footwear designs. Now working between Europe and Brazil, Chaves is also an international design consultant.

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