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Ingo Maurer Lunatic LED Pendant Lamp.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Ingo Maurer Lunatic is a truly unique pendant lamp. It is characterized by hyper-futuristic aesthetics and Ingo Maurer’s signature “experimental” style.

It was designed by Tobias Reischle and its futuristic shape was inspired by satellite dishes. We are guessing that Ingo Maurer Lunatic will surely appeal to the fans of the sci-fi genre and space-age aesthetics. The lamp is essentially an aluminum reflector that is suspended from the ceiling and reflects light across the room….

The light source is an array of LEDs mounted on a flexible tube, so the angle of the light source can be easily adjusted, thus changing the intensity and direction of the light. An interesting element of design is that the parabolic dish also works partly as a mirror, so the colors of the surroundings are reflected on it and the lamp blends-in with the color palette of the decor.

The Ingo Maurer Lunatic pendant lamp is also available with a conventional 150 watt halogen lamp. However we much prefer the LED version, as it produces similar light intensity with much lower power consumption, while the use of LEDs enhances the futuristic character of the lamp.

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