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HiRise Adjustable MacBook Stand by Twelve South.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
HiRise Adjustable MacBook Stand by Twelve South

The Twelve South HiRise Macbook stand is an elegant, functional and beautifully designed MacBook stand, featuring all the bells & whistles one can ask for.

With the HiRise MacBook Stand you can select just the right height for using your notebook as a desktop computer. The Twelve South HiRise is compatible with the entire Apple Notebook range. Whether you are using a MacBook Air, a MacBook Pro or any other MacBook with is a “one for all” universal solution. In fact despite the elegant “Apple-Inspired” design this beautifully engineered notebook stand is suitable for any type of laptop. It has a silicone lined, v-shaped arm that holds your MacBook like a tire gripping the road. The v-shaped arm also ensures maximum circulation of air around your MacBook.

With the HiRise MacBook stand you can raise your MacBook Pro or your MacBook Air to just the right height and elevate your device off the desk to focus on the screen, or raise the height of your MacBook to align it with your external monitor for the ultimate dual-display setup.

Twelve South has been designing beautiful accessories exclusively for Apple products since 2009. This small company, right around twelve employees, develops surprising new ways to protect and personalize your Apple hardware.

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