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Heron Lamp by Enrico Azzimonti for Bilumen.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Created by Italian designer Enrico Azzimonti for Bilumen, the Heron LED Task Lamp is a graceful object. It’s sleek all aluminum construction is highlighted by the red power cord which stretches across its body.

The Heron Lamp was presented in Milan during the Euroluce 2011 exhibition and impressed the public with its abstract and ecological design. It is made of 100% recyclable materials and equipped with energy-efficient LED light, while its arms make use of an innovative stabilization mechanism.

While most task lamps use complex spring-loaded mechanisms or steel wires to stabilize at different angles, the Heron Lamp uses disc-shaped links. So you can easily change the shape of the lamp by loosening and tightening of simple joints screws. This method achieves both robust stabilization and visual simplicity. The lamp is available in two versions, one with a linear diffuser and one with a red funky diffuser, shaped like a bell-like reflector silhouette

With its graceful neck and red detail, which stretches across its body like a pulsing artery, Enrico Azzimonti’s Lamp appears like an elegant fantastical member of the animal kingdom. The Heron Lamp essentially distils the basic table lamp to its functional essence, managing at the same time to give it an almost lifelike character.

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