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The Ghost Chair by Studio Drift.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
The Ghost Chair by Studio Drift

The ghost chair is a stunning futuristic concept of a plexiglass chair with ghost-like forms inside it, created by Studio Rift.

Design by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn, the ghost chair is constructed of plexiglass (PMMA) of 50 mm thickness and the 3-dimensionall ghost forms are created with laser technology. The material shape is kept very uniform in order to contrast with the organic shapes inside. The thick square lines of the chair structure creates an immense divergence with the fluid ghost forms trapped inside produces a dramatic effect: ethereal, high-tech, somewhat creepy, yet uniquely beautiful.

It is a very new and exclusive product using the latest production techniques. All ghost chairs are handmade with the best materials and they are gallery-grade pieces. In addition given that every piece is handmade on demand it can be made unique inside, as the customer can choose to customize the design of the inside ghost in consultation with the designers.
The ghost chair also comes in several structural variation, as a table chair, as an armchair, or as a stool.

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