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Galaga Minimal Bookcase by Miniforms.

by Anna Karataglidou
Galaga Minimal Bookcase Andrea Lucatello miniforms

Galaga is a superbly minimal bookcase by Miniforms, an elegant composition of glass shelves that impresses with its amazingly simple and at the same time striking design.

The Galaga wall mounted bookcase is basically a sleek wooden surface that can become a centerpiece of your wall decoration, accommodating books and display items. It works as a background for your collection pieces and as a base for a series of transparent glass shelves. Pinned on the wooden surface like razor blades, the glass shelves are made of European Grey glass.

The Galaga wall mounted bookcase might seem fragile and feather-light. No matter the appearances, we are positive that the Galaga bookcase is not at all fragile but instead it is a sturdy wall mounted shelf-composition. After all, we expect that no one will decide to stock up the two latest versions of Larousse Britannica on one shelf.

Placed on the glass shelves of the Galaga Bookcase, the books look as if they are floating. The Galaga bookcase is the perfect choice for a complementary minimal bookcase. It is complementary in terms of the true bookworms that need to display the, aforementioned, Larousse-Britannica’s latest editions.

The Galaga bookcase is available in three versions featuring black lacquered, white lacquered and walnut wood. It is made by Miniforms, an Italian brand with an experience in furniture manufacturing since 1962. Throughout the years, Miniforms expanded their catalog and since 2009 they have enriched it with avant-garde designs of young Italian designers. One of them is Andrea Lucatello, with experience in furniture and …boat design! His designs are based on authenticity,originality and follow an avant-garde design philosophy.

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Amanda 13/08/2020 - 02:09

How do I order The wood wall book cash with glass shelves I need It ASAP for my clinic


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