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Framed Wall Shelves by Presse Citron.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The metal wall shelves by French firm Presse Citron are a colorful frame for your favorite books and combine high quality with sophisticated aesthetics.

With a simple minimalistic design and made entirely of lacquered steel, these stylish shelves allow you to literally frame on the wall your books, CD, DVD or any other item you wish. They are made in France and are available in a variety of delightful colors to match any decor. The range includes two different models. The STICK which is utterly minimalist and geometrical and the BAROK whose design is inspired by the classic Barok frames of the past. Both also come in oversized versions, the LARGSTICK and the BIGBAROK respectively.

Presse Citron shelves embody a simple and elegant Design which highlights its content and displays your favorite objects in a unique way. Moreover you can assemble multiple shelves together in order to design your personal original wall arrangement.

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