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Flux Cocoon in Lausanne Switzerland by Allegory.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Flux Cocoon in Lausanne Switzerland by Allegory

The Flux Cocoon light installation was designed by Allegory and is one of the winning projects of the Lausanne Lumières, the city’s first light festival.

This impressive illuminated art installation was realized using flexible strings of LED lights wrapped around a wooden and metal structure. Then the whole composition was placed around a pedestrian bridge at Lausanne’s city center enveloping part of the bridge in an intense outlandish yet fascinating red glow. Installed in an extremely difficult context Flux Cocoon is a temporary shelter over the pedestrian bridge and gripped on the vertical elevators’ building. Visible from a 360° point of view, the Flux Cocoon is a stunning light art installation that invites the viewer not only to admire it from a distance but also to venture inside and explore it at close proximity.

The concept was inspired as an abstraction of the knot created by the crossing the pedestrian’s routes virtual trace at this precise point in the Flon area, whereas the crossing between vertical and horizontal pedestrian movements (flux) highlighting the path’s intersection. The Flon Station is the city’s major transportation hub and Lausanne’s topography contributed in creating an amazing public artwork positioned between different ground floor levels. This astonishing light installation glows light on people as they journey starts from one side to the other.

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