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Flip Mirror-Coatrack by JEHS+LAUB for Schönbuch.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Sometimes, the key in order to excel in a certain area lies in specialization. German company Schönbuch specializes in a particular type of furniture, entrance-area furniture.

As a result of the exclusive expertise in furniture of this type, Schönbuch has some interesting suggestions that differ from the ordinary in terms of appearance and ergonomics. One of the most recent and characteristic Schönbuch products is the Flip mirror/coatrack. Flip is a wall-mounted flat mirror with a built-in coat rail that can be conveniently folded behind the mirror when not in use. It looks like a modern flat mirror, but can be easily transformed into a very comfortable and elegant coatrack. At the same time, it offers storage space in its interior for the exceptional design hangers that accompany it.

Flip was designed by JEHS+LAUB, who have a typically German design style, entailing simplicity, ergonomics and quality as structural components. The construction of Flip is impeccable in quality and all details are very well thought. The highlight are the minimal coat hangers, which are  made from steel rod and come with a textile covering, so that the clothes do not slip. The ends of the hangers are protected by a metal sleeve. Flip is available in a variety of colors on order and the colored surface is painted using powder-coating. Finally the Painted surface is also available as a magnetic board. If you choose this option you also get five magnets with provision to be stored behind the mirror together with the elegant hangers.

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