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Fine Art Jewelry by Adam Foster.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Fine Art Jewelry by Adam Foster.

Adam Foster creates extraordinary fine art jewelry in his own studio and store at St. Louis, Missouri. He has always been fascinated by detail and in his pieces we can recognize his passion for miniatures as well as for medieval aesthetics.  He says that everything began  when his grandparents took him through Italy as a young child. The whole experience through Italy’s architecture, art and tradition was a decisive factor for his future career.

In his jewelry he uses his fantastic imagery like a Renaissance painter and he creates rings, pendants and bracelets with wondrous creatures and fairies. Apart from dreamy and romantic jewelry proper for a personal gift with timeless appeal, Adam Foster’s fine art Jewelry often become dark and gloomy. Skulls take the place of diamonds and feminine motives and extravagant creations remind us the always charming Gothic style.

These one-of-a-kind pieces are evident of his deep appreciation for the work of great craftsmen and his passion for the history of jewelry making. In his studio Adam Foster blends traditional techniques with modern tools and technology in order to design and produce fine art jewelry of incomparable quality.

It was this attention to detail that led him to The School of the Art Institute in Chicago where he received his BFA in 2003. Further studies have led him around the country to study the craft of jewelry making from hand engraving to gem faceting—before these techniques are no longer taught. This attention to historical techniques, coupled with his distinctive style, is what makes Adam Foster Fine Art Jewelry unique.

“I am a huge fan and lover of process.  I get excited about new challenges and the specific steps to figure out before moving forward with a project. I have always been interested in the processes of other artists working in various mediums.  Printmaking, for instance, has a wonderfully complex set of processes for each of the types of printmaking involved” Adam Foster.

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