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Extraordinary Murano Glass Vases by Yoichi Ohira.

by Anna Karataglidou
Cristallo Sommerso Murano glass vases Yoichi Ohira

Yoichi Ohira creates mesmerizing Murano glass vases in collaboration with the best glassblowers of the Murano Island. Ohira spends his time between Japan and Italy. His glass works combine his cultural heritage with Italian craftsmanship. In his words, his designs feature a Japanese sensibility that can perfectly express the history of the Venetian glass.

His Murano glass vases are fine art works produced in collaboration with some of Murano’s best craftsmen, mot notably Maestro Andrea Zilio, Maestro Livio Serena and Maestro Giacomo Barbini. Livio Serena is from a traditional glassblowing family whose workshop dates back in the 15th century and is considered to be one of the finest glassblowers in Murano. Giacomo Barbini is one of the best master glass-carvers on the island. Andrea Zilio is a world famous glass maestro, and winner of the acclaimed “Glass in Venice Prize 2013” a highly regarded tribute awarded to the glass artists or masters who outstandingly distinguished themselves with their work.

The combination of Japanese geometrical purism and Italian craftsmanship has produced a series of unique pieces of glass work. Yoichi Ohira’s collection of Murano glass vases entitled “Cristallo Sommerso” (immersed crystal) is one of our favorites, with a design language that embodies clarity and pure minimalism.

Yoichi Ohira studied at the Accademia de Belle Arti in Venice in 1973. Since then he worked as an artistic designer at Murano glass workshops for several years until he decided to go off on his own. Creating no more than 150 pieces per year his Murano glass vases are widely considered as rare and exquisite works of art featured in prestigious art collections all over the world.

Special thanks to Barry Friedman Ltd in New York, an important gallerist who exclusively represents Yoichi Ohira for providing us with beautiful images of the artist’s work.

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