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ExoGear ExoMount 2 Universal Smartphone Car Mount.

by Anna Karataglidou
Exogear Exomount 2 Universal Smartphone Car Mount

ExoMount 2 by ExoGear a universal smartphone car mount able with a twist, its extra strong suction cup provides a secure mount almost anywhere even on textured surfaces.

According to ExoGear the ExoMount 2 features the worlds’ best suction cup. In contrast with common smartphone car mounts the ExoMount 2 can be placed in spots of the cabin which do not have a completely lean surface. Its patented suction cup provides an airtight seal allowing it to work with surfaces that are slightly textured, such as the windshield’s pillar post or the dashboard. In fact these spots are commonly more ergonomic and convenient than sticking the device on the windscreen. In many cases mounting the smartphone on the windscreen is rather cumbersome. It is hard to reach the screen, which is a safety factor. With Exomount 2 and its strong suction cup, the problem is solved and your smartphone can be placed in the optimal position for safe operation of the device. ExoMount 2 is of course suitable for the popular iPhone but also compatible with any smartphone with screen up to 5.5 inches.

ExoGear specializes in smartphone and tablet accessories, therefore they have considerable on hands experience and have optimized the device through trial and error. The ExoMount 2 is the 2nd version of the popular Universal Smartphone Car Mount with slight ergonomic improvements compared to its predecessor. A polyurethane grip with reinforced springs and tension system securely holds your iPhone, iPod, smart phone, GPS and everything else in between. This design approach makes the ExoMount 2 a flexible universal solution that is also future-proof, in case you change your mobile phone. Moreover its 360º versatile joint allows multiple viewing angles for you and your co-driver.

However the use of Exomount 2 is not limited within the car. ExoMount’s patented suction technology that enables the ExoMount 2 to mount on almost any flat surface including car dashes, metal, glass, plastic and amazingly, even drywall! It can also be used at home and outdoors as a stand, or wherever the user wants. You can turn it upside down, use the clamping jaw for stabilizing the mount and the suction cup to attach your digital device.

If you are looking for an iPhone car mount or a universal smartphone car mount, the ExoMount2 is a versatile solution for the car mounting needs of all your digital devices.

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