Home Technology EOps i24R3 Wireless Speaker System by Michael Young.

EOps i24R3 Wireless Speaker System by Michael Young.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
EOps i24R3 Wireless Speaker System by Michael Young

The i24R3 Wireless Speaker System is an advanced speaker system with a strong lifestyle element, it is collaboration between famous British designer Michael Young and EOps.

Rather than a single product, the i24r3 system is a family of speakers designed around a core concept. The i24R3 Extreme Limited Edition is a 2.1 digital speaker setup, while the i24r3 Portable is a waterproof portable speaker that operates on Lithium-Ion batteries.The distinguishing elements of both these sleek Wireless Speaker Systems are the gold colored grilles with the unique captivating hole pattern, and the endless possibilities of wireless connectivity.

The Extreme Limited Edition of the i24R3 audio system consists of a pair of wireless speakers, a wireless subwoofer unit dock and a USB audio transmitter (PC/Mac compatible). The system features the EOps-Existence digital audio signal processor with enhanced soundstage technology and uses RF (radio frequency) to playback music. There is also a docking station for iOS devices located at the subwoofer, which also charges your iPhone/iPod during music playback. Connectivity includes 3.5mm stereo audio jack, RCA stereo audio in/output for TV or STB and high-resolution component cable for iPhone/iPod video output.

For the speakers the only connectivity option is the 2.4 GHz WiFi network capability and of course, an AC adapter. Bridging the music to this beautiful system is the included wireless USB audio transmitter dongle. Beside carrying out its duty of streaming music from your Mac or PC, it also supports iTunes Remote App, letting users control their iTunes playback from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. The wireless speakers have a range of 10-meters The Extreme Limited Edition EOps i24R3 also features multi-room expandability, covering up to four rooms (inclusive of the original or master pair).

The i24R3 Portable on the other hand is a fundamentally different approach than its big brother. In the word of Michael Young:

“This project is about a serious portable waterproof speaker, I have always wanted one myself but there are big constraints to achieve the best sound quality while being waterproof and lightweight. The conventional waterproof speaker drivers are simply not up to the job. We have achieved a fundamental improvement in waterproof portable speaker design by using a totally sealed sound chamber design with light weight and powerful flat panel speakers and passive radiators which can provide really strong music performance. And the circular form and the thickness of the i24R3Portable speaker happens to be the most appropriate form that can satisfy the challenging engineering requirement and coincidentally also look nice with the original i24R3 wireless speaker system. The i24R3Portable comes with a tube stand that is very unconventional for a portable speaker. The tube stand is something playful but people can use it like a handle for portability like carrying the speaker from indoor living room to the balcony but it is also removable so that people can mount the speaker in the wall if they want.”

Both i24R3 Wireless Speaker Systems possess unique defining qualities and their innovative styling is as refreshing change, more so because the sleek design is combined with sound quality.

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