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Elaine Suspension Lamp by Daniel Becker for Quasar.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Elaine Suspension Lamp by Daniel Becker for Quasar Holland

The series Elaine is a stunning collection of glimmering suspension lamps designed by Daniel Becker for Dutch Lighting manufacturer Quasar.

The centerpiece of the collection is a ball-shaped pendant lamp consisting of about 150 single tea-lights with built in miniature light bulbs. The inspiration for the design arouse from the shapes the earliest satellites had, from the first models until the early 1960ies.

Daniel Becker realized the early concept of the design during his studies at “Braunschweig University of Art” under the topic “Readymade”. A few years later, the designer discussed the idea of a serial production of this peculiar lamp with the renowned lighting manufacturer Quasar. The Dutch were immediately enthusiastic about it, yet it turned out that the preliminary idea had to be significantly improved and optimized to develop a commercial product out of it.

During the design process, the tea-lights were replaced by facetted and polished metal reflectors, which resulted in a more glamorous and precious-looking appearance for the Elaine. All reflectors were connected to an elegant, minimal frame made of stainless steel profiles, which also serve as conductors for the electricity.

Following on the success of the first interpretation of the Elaine Suspension Lamp, a whole series of lamps was developed based on the same concept. Now besides the ball-shaped pendant lamps in many diameters, Elaine is also available as a ceiling version and as a standing lamp.

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