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Ducati Diavel, design meets power and technology.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Ducati Diavel

The Ducati Diavel is the new muscle bike by famous Italian manufacturer Ducati. Weighing just 210 kg, featuring a powerful sophisticated design and offering a massive 162 hp that is managed to perfection via the three Riding Modes, the Diavel is an utterly spellbinding bike that only Ducati could have come up with.

Ducati’s newest creation is captivating, muscular and innovatively beautiful. The Ducat Diavel is seductively agile and maneuverable, while its breathtaking design will steal every look even when you disappear in an instant. This is the magic of Diavel. The heart of the Diavel is the famous two-cylinder Ducati Testastretta 11° engine developed directly from the incredibly powerful, world-beating race engines of Ducati Corse. For the occasion the displacement is 1.2 liters and it delivers 162hp and 94lbl-ft of torque. Of course, with 162hp and the torque of a small car, the Ducati Diavel sits straight at the top of its category.

Ducati has always manufactured motorbikes that become objects of desire and admiration not only for their performance, but also for their excellent pensionable design. Just like the legendary 916 designed by Masimo Tamburini, a Ducati always stands out at the street due to its beauty and temperament and the Diavel is no exception.

The Diavel has two LCD displays, which provide information that one would expect to find in a luxury car. The upper LCD display is mounted on the bar-riser and provides main information such as speed and rpm, in addition to warning lights, time and temperature. The lower, full colour Thin Film Transistor (TFT) display is styled into the fuel tank and provides an incredibly clear account of current Riding Mode, gear selection and DTC setting as well as total mileage and trips. Used on mobile phones and computers, TFT technology is a variant of LCD and displays easy-to-read high resolution graphics.

The rider can chose between three riding mode options: Sport, Touring and Urban. These programs set throttle response (controlled using Drive-By-Wire), regulate traction through one of the most sophisticated Traction Controls ever applied to a bike, while the “Urban mode” also reduces power output to 100hp for better economy within the city. The racing-derived Ducati Traction Control (DTC) is a highly intelligent system which acts as a filter between the rider’s right hand and the rear tyre. Within milliseconds, DTC is able to detect and control rear wheel-spin, considerably increasing the bike’s active safety and performance. The system offers eight levels of “sensitivity”, each programmed with an amount of rear wheel-spin tolerance. These levels are in line with progressive levels of riding skills classified from one to eight.

In terms of design the stance of the Diavel is that of readiness, dominance, and the confidence that stems from superiority. With lateral radiators adding muscle to its broad “shoulders,” which then taper down across the engine and into the belly-fairing with oil cooler, the athlete took shape. A massive 240 section rear tyre was a perfect example of how Diavel designers used a no-compromise attitude when applying their wish list of features.

The Ducati Diavel is full of ingenious details, such as the innovative solution for the mounting of the number plate and the ahnds-free ignition system. Employing the double strip of multi-functional LEDs for the rear lighting the number plate holder uses the plate as mudguard, thus reducing the number of parts and adding an additional touch of style and character. The Diavel’s ignition is actuated by an electronic key in the rider’s pocket, which communicates with the motorcycle when within a distance of approximately 2 meters (6.5ft). The motorcycle recognizes the dedicated key code and automatically enables the bike’s systems

From any angle one looks at the Diavel, it is obvious that this is a machine that begs to differ in both appearance and substance. Ducati is already being recognized as a company that knows how to properly “set up” a motorcycle and is admired for its impeccable sense of style. With the Diavel they add another “sales arguments” to their arsenal, advanced electronics and “gadget” features.  It is evident that the Ducati Diavel came to set new standards at all levels, as it combines soul and technology in a unique way.

And for those that find the “simple” Diavel not enough, there is the Diavel Carbon version, which makes extensive use of Carbon Fiber, thus reducing the weight and increases the sense of exclusivity. Of course the cost of acquiring such a work of art on two wheels is proportionate. The introductory price for a basic Ducati Diavel is 18.900€ and for the Ducati Diavel Carbon € 22.200. Finally if ones wants exaggerate, there is a long list of optional equipment that includes a wide range of exhausts, windscreens, GPS satellite navigation and many carbon fiber parts.

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