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Design Cat Furniture by Everyday Studio.

by Anna Karataglidou

Pets like cats and dogs are irreplaceable companions for many people worldwide. As our fellow animals live in an environment made for humans, they have to get their own accessories to make them feel more comfortable. San Francisco based Everyday Studio decided to upgrade the dull pet accessories seen in the market and create their own collection with design and style.

Everyday Studio does not aim to show off the luxurious lifestyle and the wealth of a pet’s owner, like most pet accessory company do. Its products want to accommodate your pets in a comfortable and modern environment, according to the animal’s needs. An example of their product range is the selection of cat “scratching poles” and design cat furniture meant to replace your furniture as a main target of your cat’s nails. The design is obviously inspired by Frank Gehry’s work on the Wiggle chair series he had designed for Vitra.

The collection includes four different models with funny names like Claw, Pounce and Cat Tree. A metal structure defines the shape and adds color, but your beloved feline will mainly focus on the internal part which is made of recycled compressed cardboard. The paints are non-toxic as it is possible that the cat will scratch the paint surface and check if it is edible. Furthermore, the paint is thick and durable to resist scratches. Also the internal cardboard piece is removable and easily replaceable in an ecological way.

Everyday Studio was funded in 2004 by Susan Kralovec and since then designs and manufactures “smart” home products. The company’s philosophy rejects the mass production in various Asian countries and instead is based on the attention for detail, the local production and the customer service. For this reason all products by Everyday Studio are handcrafted in San Francisco by the same people that design them.

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