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Cordillera shelf by Damien Bihr for Vange.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Vange Cordillera Shelf

Cordillera Shelf by Belgian manufacturer Vange has a light and minimalist design which produces a stunning visual effect and will decorate your wall in flawless style.

Cordillera is designed by Damien Bihr and inspired by the shape of mountain ranges. This is how its name occurs, as Cordillera is a Spanish Term for an extensive chain of mountain or mountain ranges, which create this characteristic linear image in the horizon. This beautiful shelving system is made of one single folded steel sheet and the result is a solid frame which radiates finesse, fragility and lightness.

The Cordillera Shelf It is available in three different shapes, the Sur, the Norte and the Central which can be joined together creating abstract shapes which capture the eye and the imagination.

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