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Contraforma Quad bookcase.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The Quad bookcase by Lithuanian manufacturer Contraforma is a unique and interesting bookcase to truly showcase your book collection.

Designed by the distinguished Lithuanian architect Nauris Kalinauskas, Contraforma Quad is standing out with a bold yet elegant aesthetic. Multi-sized shelves will store all your books, CDs, DVDs and other small items in a very original way.

The irregular shape of Quad could be described as “asymmetry in perfect symmetry”.

It is made of plywood while the colored panels made from electrostatically painted metal. The best thing though is the fact that Quad is available in three sizes and it can be hanged on the wall as a shelving unit or used as a free-standing bookcase. For even more storage space, more than one units can be joined together, in order to create larger designs and fulfill your customization needs.

Contraforma was founded in 2000. They have collaborated with some of the most promising Lithuanian architects and designers and have already produced  many exceptional and very original products.

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