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Mobi: Α Contemporary Vase by Alessandro Beda.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Moby: Α Contemporary Vase by Alessandro Beda

Mobi is a contemporary vase designed by Alessandro Beda. Its whale-inspired shape is playful, yet elegant and it looks truly striking with the addition of colorful flowers.

If you are tired of the common, dull designs for vases you should absolutely check out Mobi, a contemporary vase with the shape of a whale! Alessandro Beda designed this clever contemporary vase, drawing inspiration by a whale swimming freely in the Ocean. The whale miniature whale is seemingly captured the exact moment when it flows to the surface of the water with the tip of its tail exposed outside the water.

As everyone knows whales are exceptional creatures, they are marine mammals that have developed a unique specialized breathing system with the lovely signature blowhole on top of their head. Designer Alessandro Beda interpreted this breathing system as the flower holder for his contemporary vase design. Thus, this cute whale looks like jetting out colourful flowers instead of salted water.

This contemporary vase also has another distinctive design element, it consists of two different parts, the main body of the whale, where you put the flowers, and the tail. The main body of the vase can be filled up with water to keep your flowers fresh, while the tale is just a decorative part. When you place the vase on your table, then the rest of the whale’s body is implied to be under water, just brilliant!

The Mobi vase has a minimal and elegant shape and is available in two colors, black and white, while it is made of porcelain. The Mobi Vase is produced by Thabto (Two Heads Are Better Than One), a contemporary British design brand which produces a range of unique and innovative gifts and items extremely delightful and inspiring!

The vase has been named Mobi  as a reference to the renowned novel by Herman Melville «Moby-Dick». A unique and smart contemporary vase that looks good in any space serving as a stylish, humorous and playful decorative element.

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Kim Denison 23/11/2020 - 22:28

May I ask how to purchase? What a lovely and whimsical piece.


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