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Celebrating The Cross Lounger by Humans since 1982.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Celebrating the Cross Lounger by design studio - Humans since 1982

Swedish design duo Humans since 1982 present Celebrating The Cross a unique contemporary lounger inspired by the archetypal shape of the cross.

This unique lounger incorporates a crucifix as an integral part of its structure. A wooden cross serves as the base of the lounger and supports a mesh structure which is the main body of the furniture. The finishing detail is the woven string partly covering the metal mesh, which enhance the glooming allure of this challenging concept.

According to the designers: “We wish to show that the cross has not only a semiotic meaning but also a practical function It was designed to fulfill a practical (sad) purpose. We aim to celebrate a new practical function of the cross.”

Celebrating The Cross was firstly introduced to the public and exhibited on summer 2009 at Röhsska Design-Museum in Göteborg , where it remained on display for 2 months.

Humans since 1982 are a design duo composed of Per Emanuelsson and Bastian Bischoff, former design students at HDK, Göteborg’s School of Design and Arts in Sweden. They like to present stimulating projects with symbolic meanings, as evident by “Celebrating The Cross” project and their first work, the “Surveillance Light” a lighting fixture composed of surveillance cameras.

Photographs by Christoffer T. Duff

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