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Calligaris Orbital Extending Table by Pininfarina.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Calligaris Orbital Extending Table by Pininfarina

The Calligaris Orbital extending table designed by world famous design studio Pininfarina combines avant-garde design with cutting edge technology.

Pininfarina  is mostly known for designing iconic luxury cars for iconic car manufacturers such as Ferrari, Maserati and Rolls-Royce. This time the prolific Italian design studio showcases its exceptional sense of style by designing a unique extending table for Calligaris, a leader in the home design market. The Calligaris technical team invented the ingenious opening mechanism that allows the Orbital to open effortlessly with a fluid circular motion. Thanks to its fluid lines and the premium materials employed, the Orbital extending table is a striking presence in the domestic environment with unique styling, radical technology and unmistakable elegance.

The innovative opening mechanism consists of two metal arms that support two glass extensions, one in each end of the table. The glass extensions simultaneously lift-up and extend with a circular motion “orbiting” in a sense the central glass table top, hence the name “Orbital”. When folded the Calligaris Orbital is a 1,65 meter mid-sized table, but when extended it becomes a 2,55 meter long dining table that can seat up to ten people.

All exposed metal elements are available in the stylish new Matt Silver finish. The whole system has clean minimalist lines combines with a distinctive mechanical allure, while the extra-transparent glass allows you to appreciate this exceptionally precise mechanism. The black or white coated rigid polyurethane column provides high stability while the dramatic aperture in the middle gives this table a streamlined look.

Eye-catching Orbital is a state of the art table that will easily take center stage in the dining area. In 2011 Orbital was designated the “Interior Innovation Award Winner 2012.

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