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Calamares Chandelier with fluorescent lamps.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

Calamares chandelier was designed by artist Tom Strada and uses fluorescent lamps as a structural element, creating an eye-catching pattern composed of countless bright rings.

The need to conserve energy and preserve our fragile ecosystem has made it imperative to phase out all incandescent lamps and replace them with fluorescent bulbs (also known as “economy lamps”). But what happens to the aesthetic value of a chandelier? The sight of a chandelier with 50+ large fluorescent lamps is definitely not something aesthetically attractive.

Tom Strada tackles the issue by converting the bulky fluorescent lamps into the highlight of the design. Calamares is a simple structure which transforms the fluorescent lamps into a stylish illuminated object which produces plenty of light, while maintaining low energy consumption.

The Calamares chandelier comes  in two sizes, one for small premises which has 13 circular bulbs and one for large spaces which has 73 bulbs! Calamares is an impressive design which combines intelligent and practical Design with ecological responsibility. Its price has not been announced yet as it is made in limited editions and only upon request. For more information, you can refer to the designer’s website.

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