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Büro.Loft F27 Staircase by Schlosser + Partner.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Büro-Loft F27 Floating Stairs by Schlosser + Partner

This stylish staircase was designed by Austrian architects Schlosser + Partner and is located at the Office-Loft project Büro.Loft F27 in Graz Austria.

Effectively this unique staircase serves a functional purpose and at the same time bocmes a space-defining decorative element.

The Büro.Loft F27 is an urban two-storey apartment built in the 1990s which was transformed into a multi-functional loft serving as home and office. The main staircase is a two-piece design, which occupies vertical space, a necessity for efficient space planning in the 76 qm sized loft. It is attached directly on the wall, without touching the ground, for a unique floating effect. Moreover the stunning shape of this modern staircase is further emphasized by the black & white color combination.

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