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BULBING 2D Optical Illusion Lamps by Studio Cheha.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
BULBING 2D Optical Illusion Lamps by Studio Cheha

The delightfully minimalist optical illusion lamps are part of the latest series of LED lamps by Studio Cheha and they look just splendid in their simplicity.

The Bulbing range started off as just one lamp called the Bulbing Light and it was funded through a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. The bulbing light was an innovative LEDE lamps that uses laser-etched acrylic sheets to create 3D lamps from 2D. The lamp was so well received that not only it was funded super fast, but now it is also being sold at high profile art store such as the vthe New York MoMA Store and the Pompidou Centre Boutique in Paris.

Following the initial success But Studio Cheha is back with three new designs that use the same technology to create 3D lamps from 2D materials, ZIGGi, DESKi and CLASSi cast an ambient glow from their wireframe ‘lampshades’ that is also strong enough to read by. Each lamp features built-in LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

These unique desk lamp designs revolve around an optical illusion that creates the resemblance of traditional conical lampshades by etching a wireframe design into a thin sheet of clear acrylic. Light emanates from LEDs within the wooden stem of the lamps and passes freely through the transparent acrylic sheet making it largely invisible. However when the light is interrupted by the rough translucent etchings, it is broken up and reflected outwards to appear as startlingly solid lines.

Moreover these updated models feature more powerful LED light sources, dimmer switches, and a slightly more serious tone than their initial designs, thus improving their functionality (ie. suitable for reading) and flexibility.

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