Bucefalo Sofa by Emanuele Canova.

The Bucefalo Sofa is a superbly minimalist and dauntingly dark piece of furniture by Italian designer Emanuele Canova.

Inspiration came from the figure of Bucephalus, a legendary black horse, which was the horse of Alexander the Great and the most famous actual horse of antiquity. A massive black creature with a massive head, that only Alexander The Great succeeded to tame.

Bucefalo sofa is part of the “Memento Collection” it is an exceptionally elegant sofa and a bookshelf all in one. The sofa is designed in order to accommodate a triple function: sitting, chaise longue and bookcase. The scope of the design is to provide the comfort of a sofa and at the same time, a space for books and objects all with a cool and refreshingly minimalist design.

The design looks smart and all works great, as one can utilize the storage space for all those everyday objects commonly found lying on a sofa, such as: books, throw blankets, remote controls, etc. Moreover it sleek form makes the Bucefalo sofa ideal for any all kinds of applications, as it works equally well in a modern living room, as well as, in a contemporary professional space.

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    • Andreas Rekopoulos

      Dear James,

      Apologies for the late reply (we were on vacation for a few days and not monitoring blog comments). Sadly we cant help you on this one as this article is old (dated 07-2015) and this was a limited edition piece. Your best bet would be to contact the manufacturer directly.

      All the best,

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