Book Clock by Sjoed van Heumen for Karlsson.

The Book table clock is a funky little object and a classic design by Sjoed van Heumen for clock renowned manufacturer Karlsson.

The design inspiration is simple, yet inventive, a unique table clock made to look like stacked books, in the three basic colors, red, blue and yellow. The Book clock is ideal for placing on a shelf, on your desk and of course feels at home in your bookcase.  The clock’s hands are pinned in the middle pointing towards the book’s ridge.

Following its initial success, Karlsson subsequently released it in more color combinations, currently the Book clock in also available in classic black and pastel colors. Since it “hit the shelves” the Book clock became a best seller.

Sjoen van Heumen is a graduate of the Graphics Academy (Utrecht) and a freelance art director in advertising as well as designing products. Some of his successful designs include the Hit-It alarm clock in 2004 and the Book Clock in 2005.

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