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Bluetrek Carbon Bluetooth Headset.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Bluetrek Carbon Bluetooth Headset

The Bluetrek Carbon Bluetooth Headset by Hong Kong based Bluetrek is the world’s first Bluetooth headset made out of carbon fiber and with just 5.9 grams weight is also probably the lightest.

This unique Bluetooth headset is made out of real carbon fiber and it is not only ultra-light but also very elegant. However the Bluetrek Carbon is not just a good looking device it is also feature packed. It offers Bluetooth v3.0 support, Noise Lock™ noise cancellation and wind and echo cancellation (to assure crystal clear conversations) and “Multipoint Technology” which supports active connections with 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously.


However except these advanced technical features, even its low-tech daily usability is very well thought. A mechanical ON/OFF slider switch will always let you know if your headset is on or off, so you won’t call someone by mistake, the universal micro USB connector provides ease of charging and the removable pen clip makes the headset very convenient to carry. Due to its modern, but also very practical design the Bluetrek Carbon Bluetooth headset won the prestigious “Red Dot Design Award”.

The Bluetrek Carbon is also an ideal choice for those using an iPhone. It provides a battery monitor function that is shown in the status bar of your iPhone, so you will never have to guess when it needs charging. In addition its uniquely shaped answer button is obviously styled similarly to that of the iPhone, making it a perfect iPhone companion headset style-wise.

Finally the flawless presentation of this awesome Bluetooth Headset is enhanced by the extensive accessories slection included in the packaging. Together with the headset you also get a discreet and elegant carry case, a removable pen clip, 4 different size ear buds and a couple of ear-hooks (which are optional, as the headset will fit snugly even without them).

The Bluetrek Carbon offers exceptional performance and awesome styling at a very reasonable price, as the suggested retail price is only $69.99. Considering it is feature packed, very good looking, super light and built to last (it has been tested to withstand drops from 1,8 meters height), it is surely one of the best Bluetooth headsets in the market.

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