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Biomega MN Bicycles by Marc Newson.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Biomega MN Bicycles by Marc Newson

The MN bicycles by Danish Biomega were designed by renowned industrial designer Marc Newson and combine stunning looks with impressive technical features.

These superb modern bicycles were named MN after the designer and their uniquely shaped frame is fabricated by “superplastic aluminum”. This revolutionary frame is made by two shells that are glued together with Perma bond epoxy glue, and all cabling is discreetly hidden inside the frame.

Marc Newosn’s iconic design stands out due to its sleek curves and its minimalist geometric shape. The Biomega MN bikes are the ultimate designer bicycles, and even thought they were designed back in 1999 they still look as they came from the distant future. A timeless design by Marc Newson, that instantly became a sought after classic.

The top of the line model is the MN01-Extravaganza. As its name suggests it is equipped with the very best components the industry has to offer. The Rohloff 14-speed internal gear hub is a marvel of German Engineering that provides an excellent gear range and very smooth shifting action. The superb braking power is courtesy of twin hydraulic disc brakes made by “Hope” and the fork is made out of carbon fiber.

Biomega MN bike is a unique blend of modern design, advanced technology and flawless craftsmanship. As Jens Martin Skibsted (the founder of Biomega) eloquently stated: “Naturally there is an element of show-off when you cycle on a Biomega, but it is primarily pride, visibility and lifestyle that are expressed. It is essentially an expression of personal rebellion against the tyranny of cars in the city”.

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