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Astute Hanging Speakers by Origin Live.

by Olga Katsiou

The Astute Hanging Speakers by Origin Live are a radically different approach to high fidelity speaker design and they sound as revolutionary as they look.

Every visitor to your home is likely to marvel at the Astutes when they are silent and even more so when they make produce rich, dynamic, and crisp music. These radical Hanging Speakers combine exceptional looks with high quality sound, thanks to an innovative design approach where the speaker is hanging from its base, allowing for reduced Cabinet resonance and producing an amazingly natural, “out of the box” sound.

If you want a system that ranks in the upper echelons of sound quality first of all you need exceptional speakers. As a leading design company that won numerous awards and with 25 years of experience in manufacturing quality speakers, Origin Live observed that loudspeakers are often the most difficult part of a system to get right. Yet apart from creating a system that performs consistently, things become even more complex because appearances matter and a modern home demands speaker set that not only sounds good, but also looks good.

To tackle the issue Origin Live developed a modular solution that would allow them to change the appearance of the speaker at will and adapting its looks to match your interior, without changing its technical properties and compromising sound quality. The heart of the Astute Hanging Speakers are a pair of cylindrical cabinets, that each house a co-axial driver, these produce upper bass to treble frequencies – 85Hz to 20kHz. A pair of brackets or stands to hang then hang the 2 cylindrical cabinets. The Astute Speaker System is complemented by a single sub-woofer produces non-directional low frequencies below 85Hz

This is an ingenious arrangement design wise, the simple cylindrical speaker is designed with efficiency in mind, while the appearance of the speaker depends 100% in its base/mounting. Different bases can transform the style and shape of the speaker, while maintaining their great acoustic performance.

Astute speakers are available in a wide variety of bases ranging from classic wooden structures to real leather options and minimalistic transparent acrylic plates, making it easy to fit into any space and style. This innovative design arrangement is unique, as the speaker is always suspended and is essentially hanging midair.

According to Origin Live this technique minimizes vibrations and separates in the best way the sound produced by the speaker from sonic anomalies created by other materials. The result is excellent sound with minimal distortion. The Astute Hanging Speakers are manufactured using “audiophile level” internal components. Moreover Origin Live provides additional custom options for further upgrading the speakers, on request.

If better speakers with distinctive styling are something that appeals to you, you should have a look at the Astute Hanging Speakers.

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