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Cool Breather Carafe - Menu -14%

Cool Breather Carafe - Menu

Regular Price: $ 81.68

Special Price: $ 69.96

New Norm Bottle Carafe Round 1.4L (Brass Lid) - Menu -23%

New Norm Bottle Carafe Round 1.4L (Brass Lid) - Menu

Regular Price: $ 54.84

Special Price: $ 42.01

New Norm Water Bottle Carafe 1L (Copper Lid) - Menu -20%

New Norm Water Bottle Carafe 1L (Copper Lid) - Menu

Regular Price: $ 58.29

Special Price: $ 46.62

Tactille Bowl Steel - Menu -28%

Tactille Bowl Steel - Menu

Regular Price: $ 95.69

Special Price: $ 68.85

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Kitchen for many people is the heart of the house while for others is just the place where food is prepared or cooked. For sure kitchen is always a happening place. For us Kitchen is the place that satisfies two or our passions: creativity and design. Design Is This invites you to discover innovative, beautiful and functional kitchen accessories designed by well-known and upcoming designers from around the world.

Regardless if you are a professional chef or you are just cooking at home for your friends and family, kitchen is the place where creativity meets inspiration and thus you certainly need the perfect accessories!

Our selected kitchen products and accessories are made of high quality products and are known internationally for their sophisticated design aesthetics. The right tools and accessories can make cooking much more interesting. At the same time we have selected a number of kitchen tools and accessories that combine practicality with amazing design.