Tablet / iPad / Laptop Mounts & Stands

Your iPad or Tablet is basically a device with useful features that you generally carry around with you all day long. An iPad stand or an iPad car mount can be very useful to place your favorite iPad or tablet device steadily on your office desk surface or mount it in your car. After all, as your best business “assistant”, your iPad or tablet needs its own fixed place on your desk.

The use of mobile devices and smartphones while driving is dangerous and should overall be avoided. At Design Is This we have considered this fact and have selected some practical iPhone mounts to place on your car and detach your iPad from your hand or lap. A clean and safe way to use your iPad inside a car, strictly for an non-distractive application like GPS, that will help keep your hands on the wheel.

Our collection features top quality iPad cars mount and tablet mounts ideal for professional made of the most durable and light material available: carbon fiber! Place your iPad or tablet to a sturdy and elegant base in your vehicle and upgrade professionally by improving your portability and work flexibility. IPad car mounts and tablet mounts are also available in a headrest stands, also by carbon fiber, that can be used as entertainment for the passengers in the back seat.

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