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Our office or work space is the place where most of us spend the biggest part of day. Most of our tasks we everyday have to deal with, need the proper desk tools and office gadgets. Adding office and desk gadgets of exquisite design to your work environment will make it feel more advanced, saving you time and make up your mood.

At Design Is This we propose a selection of smart office gadgets, ideal for those that cannot make radical changes at their workspace. Besides their functional use, all of our desk gadgets are selected for their supreme design. You will be impressed of how a small design detail, a vivid office and desk accessory can improve your working space piece by piece.

After all, it is not only important to present a sleek and pleasing office space to costumers but also to create a pleasing environment for you.

Solar portable chargers that look like flowers and decorate your office while charging your phone, elegant iPad and Tablet stands, sleek rollerball pens, tape dispensers, staplers, punchers  and cutting tools designed by top designers. All of the above, are parts of Design Is This ‘s selection of minimal design office gadgets. The high light is the rubber bladed desktop fan for cooling off at the office when the heat season starts!

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Archilong Pen - LEXON -20%

Archilong Pen - LEXON

Regular Price: $ 22.17

Special Price: $ 17.74

Solar Desk LED Torch Eclipse - XD Design -30%

Solar Desk LED Torch Eclipse - XD Design

Regular Price: $ 40.84

Special Price: $ 28.59

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