Discover an extensive selection of contemporary furniture. Whether you are looking for exclusive Italian furniture, minimalist Scandinavian furniture, German metal furniture, Dutch furniture with experimental design, or unconventional French creations, we offer a wide selection of modern furniture created by some of the most innovative furniture brands worldwide.

The furniture pieces we offer have one thing in common, our passion for exceptional quality, outstanding design and commitment to originality. We resell only original pieces that do not compromise in aesthetics or quality, our collection ranges from highly functional multipurpose furniture, to eccentric artistic creations positioned at the boundaries between usability and art.

For us furniture are not just products, but rather a form of decorative art. In addition to their functional role modern furniture also serve an aesthetic purpose. Furniture design has evolved alongside societies, materials are evolving and usability is evolving in order to meet our growing needs and expectation for innovation. It is our belief that due to the ever-expanding awareness of historical and cross-cultural esthetics, today’s furniture ought to be more diverse in terms of style, function and eco sustainability. Browse through our collection and explore unique designer furniture, which utilize innovative technologies, eco sustainable materials, and modern anthropocentric design.

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