Funayuki Knife 15 cm Ryoma Sakamoto RS-03 - Chroma

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Chroma Ryoma Sakamoto Funayuki RS-03 15 cm is a classic handmade Japanese knife. The perfect knife to cut and slice fish and filets.

The Ryoma Sakamoto range of knives are hand-forged made of three-layered steel. They are produced in the tradition of Ryoma’s Samurai Sword.

The philosophy of the collection was to offer perfect blades at the lower possible cost. The handle is made is made off of robust plastic and honoki wood. This allows the incredibly low price for hand-forged quality.

While the finish of the blades is unpolished rough and tough, their out of the box sharpness and hardness impressive rated at 60-61 ° HRC. This is quite a feat for a knife at this price.

Chroma Ryoma Sakamoto knives are fully handforged in japan.

The name of the series is a tribute to Sakamoto Ryōma (January 3, 1836 – December 10, 1867) a historical Japanese figure, prominent in the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate in bakumatsu Japan.

Funayuki is a broad classification of knifes that can refer to a range of different design features. Originally the funayuki was designed as a multipurpose knife for use on fishing boats. Today, how the term is used depends on the knife maker and how they choose to design their knives.

Several features common to funayukis are: a fairly flat blade profile with relatively little belly, a short, handy size, the knife may or may not be single edged. In general these knives make great complements or replacements for the gyuto or chef’s knife as a jack of all trades in the kitchen. Many funayukis retain the sea food oriented design elements and are adept at breaking down fish much like a deba or yanagiba.


  • Fully handforged Japanese Funayuki knife with 15 cm long blade.
  • Material: Three-layered steel (blade), Honoki wood & Plastic (handle).
  • Hardness: +/-1 61° HRC
  • Blade Length: 15 cm.
  • Handle Length: 12 cm.
  • Not recommended for dishwasher.
  • Made in Japan.
Funayuki Knife 15 cm Ryoma Sakamoto RS-03 - Chroma -25%
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  • Funayuki Knife 15 cm Ryoma Sakamoto RS-03 - Chroma
  • Funayuki Knife 15 cm Ryoma Sakamoto RS-03 - Chroma
  • Funayuki Knife 15 cm Ryoma Sakamoto RS-03 - Chroma
  • Funayuki Knife 15 cm Ryoma Sakamoto RS-03 - Chroma


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