Wall Decoration

Design Is This has chosen carefully a collection of products that will bring your walls, interior or exterior, to life!

Wall decoration has always been the easiest way to decorate your space, quickly and with low cost. The wall surfaces can be used as a canvas for artistic expression, lighting or a steady base for mounting other decorative items.

But walls could be a decorative element themselves. Wall decoration has the advantage of saving up space, an important feature for small houses and offices. Simple elements can have a huge impact and give character to a room.

Change your walls now with our -always expanding- selection of unique and original products, designed by architects and designers all around the globe.

Painting your walls and changing the colors is a common way of refreshing your living environment and your mood. Take the wall coloring to a next level by using creative wall stickers made of vinyl that are easily to place and remove. Play with the shapes and colors to turn a dull wall decoration into an imaginative illustration that will brighten up your space.

Place a mirror on your wall and add depth and light to your space. Design Is This offers a large selection of mirrors, designed to impress, in a price range to fit all needs, from the simplest practical mirror to an extravagant and captivating artistic installation of a mirror.

Since at Design Is This we promote not only design but also functionality, our wall decoration products offer you smart and practical solutions for your everyday needs. We bring to you a wide range of wall hooks, wall hangers and wall racks of selected manufacturers.

In addition, shelves and wall mount bookshelves make room for displaying and storing favorite objects. They are available in an impressive range of materials that vary from colorful metal shelving systems and combinations to elegant glass display shelves. Our wall decoration category even includes colorful plates for the porcelain lovers, so beautiful that you will not want to hide them in a cupboard after lunch.

At Design Is This you can also find bottle racks and wine bottle mounts that save up space in the kitchen. Place small cuppings and wall hooks to hold the towels, right next to a wall clock and the wall mounted plant pots where you may grow fresh ingredients for your recipes. Or maybe it is time to start your vertical terrace garden!

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