Wall Clocks & Table Clocks

Colorful and minimal, made from vinyl or high quality synthetic materials, analog or digital, the selection of wall clocks featuring at Design Is This includes a selected variety of clocks.

Decorate your wall with the precious wall clocks that reveal the time from behind an opening, choose a completely discrete white wall clock or a striking and balanced color swatches wall clock.

At Design Is This we have discovered alternative wall clocks and unique pieces.

Our wall clock selection includes an ultimate minimal digital wall clock, a side wall clock that is inspired by the old-school hallway wall clocks and even shelf clocks that play with their boundaries. And the lightest of all, a vinyl sticker wall clock that turns your room into an illustration page!

Forget about keeping track of the time just by using your cellphone or wrist watch! Add a wall clock to your space as a point of reference and a classic decorative piece.

There are no products matching the selection.