Hangers & Coat Hooks

Since placing a wall hanger, a coat hook or a coat stand in your house or office is a necessity, why not do it in a modern and fashionable way? Wall hangers and wall hooks can be interesting decorative elements, and a discrete statement of your aesthetics to your visitors.

The biggest part of our extensive collection of hangers and coat hooks include designs that can also be combined together in clusters and create inspiring wall hook installations that upgrade immediately your space decoration with minimum cost!

Coat racks and wall hooks, coat hangers and stands are smart decorative objects as they also offer functionality. In Design Is This you can find a wide selection of wall hooks and hangers for coats, clothes, accessories, cables and towels, as well as coat racks and stands. It goes without saying that all of our hangers and hooks are designed by famous architects and designers, eligible to be placed on a variety of surfaces, like wood, panels, dry wall, furniture panels and tiles.

Since at Design Is This we promote not only design but also functionality, our wide selection of hangers and coat hooks offers you smart and practical solutions for your everyday needs. We bring to you a wide range of hangers, wall hooks, wall hangers and coat racks of selected manufacturers.

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