Even though candles and candlesticks are obsolete as light sources, candelabras remain a favorite theme and object for designers. As good design needs to meet both functional and aesthetic criteria, and as the functional use of the candlestick is so limited and secondary, the creativeness of its form can be limitless!

In Design Is This we have chosen a variety of candelabras designed by famous architects, artists and designers and manufactured by a number of prestigious design brands. One of the pieces shown here will probably be the decorative piece that will add the final touch to your home, lobby, bar or restaurant.

Candle holders are inspiring objects that represent and complement all design styles, from rustic to modern, from minimal to gothic, from industrial to futuristic. If designers were sculptors, then their candelabras and candlesticks would be their sculptures. Each design candlestick is closer to expressing the artistic character and style of its creators than any other product they make.

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Candelabra Pin - ENO -30%

Candelabra Pin - ENO

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Geometric Metal Candle Holder (Large) - Hübsch -25%

Geometric Metal Candle Holder (Large) - Hübsch

Regular Price: €45.00

Special Price: €33.75

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