Black Diamond Knife Block XL - Edge of Belgravia

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Designer: Christian Bird

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Black Diamond Knife Block XL by Edge of Belgravia is an angular float knife block designed by Christian Bird. A piece of modern art for your kitchen.

This XL version of the knife block is designed so it can also fit the Arondight and Galatine knifes by Edge of Belgravia. The original black diamond is not suitable for these knives.

Black diamond knife block is designed for maximum flexibility. As so, it allows you to use it properly for most knife types. There is only one slight restriction regarding the size of the blade, which needs to be thinner than four millimetres. It can fit approximately eleven knives but even if you place just two of them, the block will still look coherent and complete.

The clever use of the block’s angles and the balance of its weighting ensure that your knives will safely stay at their position. In short, black diamond knife block is the perfect equipment for your kitchen, equally for its design and its fine cutting performance.

Black diamond angular float knife block is in a sense an amazing piece of art for your kitchen. Its futuristic design and its unique architectural conception remind us of the angles of a roughly cut diamond, as its name already suggests.

Prestigious in its design as well it can be accurately paralleled with a real diamond. Black diamond’s fine quality and unique architecture, place the knife block at the epicenter of interest for many chefs and cooks around the world.

Christian Bird designed the Black diamond knife block according to the inspired, avant-gardist standards of the Edge of Belgravia brand which constitutes an assurance of high quality and innovative design.


  • Fits up to 11 knives.
  • Easy extraction.
  • Designed for maximum flexibility and is suitable for most knives.
  • Color: Black.
  • Material: Rubber coated ABS.
  • Food safety tested by the FDA.
  • Dimensions: Height: 22,62 cm, Width: 27,84 cm, Depth: 14,92 cm.
  • Care: Hand wash only | Dry after wash | Do not expose to heat.
  • The knives shown in the picture are not incldued.


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