Sweet Wall Kitchen Hood - Elica-Umber

Κωδικός: 9903-Umber

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Sweet wall kitchen hood, designed by Fabrizio Crisa for Elica, is a IF product design award winning product (2013) of exquisite design.

Sweet is an air recycling kitchen hood made of exclusive high quality materials finished in a variety of colors, white matt, umber matt, azur gloss and ivory gloss. Its shape protects your head while cooking and the glass surface is very easy to clean.

Sweet wall kitchen hood features a touch control system for easy control between the three modes of operation. Sweet also features lighting fixture equipped with 1 LED bulb of 12W. Sweet wall kitchen hood has one 262W high performance motor with an output diameter of 150 mm and maximum suction at 550 m3/h. It works quietly with noise level from 43 to 59 db(A).

Sweet includes one Aluminum fat filter and carbon filter. The carbon filter recycles and clears the air before releasing it straight into the room or to the chimney.

Place the kitchen hood at a distance ≥ 60 cm above an electric kitchen and ≥ 70 cm above a gas kitchen.


  • Dimensions: Width: 85 cm. Height 64.8 cm.
  • Finish: White matt, Umber matt, Ivory, Azur (light blue).
  • Operation: touch control.
  • Lighting: LED 1x12W
  • Motor: 1.
  • Output Diameter: 150 mm.
  • Suction: 550 m3/h.
  • Noise level: 43-59 db(A).
  • Pressure: 480 Pa.
  • Power: 262 Watt.
  • Fat filter: Aluminum (included).
  • Carbon Filter for air recycling Included.
  • Place your cooking hood at ≥ 60 cm above an electric stove and at  ≥ 70 cm above a gas stove.
Sweet Wall Kitchen Hood - Elica-Umber-5%
Sweet Wall Kitchen Hood - Elica-Umber

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